Current Status at AI World

In a world where “intelligence” is no longer confined to human minds, a new wave of technological brilliance has taken the world by storm. From self-driving cars navigating bustling streets to virtual assistants, artificial intelligence (AI) has set foot in virtually every corner of our lives. As the world welcomes the AI revolution, let us gaze into the possibilities that lie ahead.

At the onset of the development of AI, the consumer was quick to integrate its beneficial uses into everyday tasks. As the graph below demonstrates, some of the most common planned uses of the new influx of generative AI models include simple tasks, such as responding to text messages, preparing for job interviews, or merely writing a social media post. While these creative uses of the new technology could simplify the process of everyday tasks, its integration into the modern world has become much more advanced.

Source: Trive Financial Services Malta – Statista, Tiaan van Aswegen

The world of AI is on an exponential growth trajectory with widespread adoption across various businesses and industries. Now, in the third decade of the 21st century, its prospects look brighter than ever. The market value of AI is projected to grow to a whopping two trillion US dollars by 2030, close to ten times its current value, driven by advancements in generative AI, increasing investments, and transformative applications. The release of ChatGPT 3.0 last was a critical advancement in AI development. The possibilities of generative AI became apparent, capturing the attention of tech researchers and businesses alike. Google Trends data indicates a significant surge in interest in generative AI from 2022 to 2023, a trend predicted to continue as additional developments are made in chatbot technology and other generative AI programs.

Source: Trive Financial Services Malta – Statista, Tiaan van Aswegen

The AI revolution is reshaping multiple industries at an impressive pace, with an expected annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030. The impact of AI technologies is diverse, permeating supply chains, marketing, product development, research, analysis, and much more across all industries. The graph below indicates the adoption rate of AI amongst US industries in 2023, with Marketing and Advertising showing the largest adoption rate at 37%, followed by technology, consulting, teaching, accounting, and healthcare. While these industries merely represent the highest adoption rates, AI has become increasingly popular among most industries in the latest year.

Source: Trive Financial Services Malta – Statista, Tiaan van Aswegen

Regarding global adoption, China leads the way, with 58% of companies already adopting AI practices, with an additional 30% considering AI integration into its business models. In the US, 25% of companies are deploying AI tools, while 43% of companies are exploring its application and implications for the business. The impact of AI goes beyond the business realm and extends to global economies. The United States is expected to witness a staggering 21% net increase in GDP by 2030, highlighting the profound economic implications of AI integration.

Business leaders of industry-leading companies recognize the significance of AI in ensuring a business’s success in the years to come. AI has become synonymous with operational efficiency, providing a competitive edge to those who integrate it effectively into their business processes. As a result, collaborations between companies are thriving. Industry giants such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are actively working together to advance AI applications. At the same time, leading tech companies are acquiring smaller AI firms to strengthen their expertise and augment their offerings. This consolidation of knowledge is driving innovation and, as a result, reducing the learning curve in the AI space. The graph below shows the stellar year-to-date (YTD) performance of the companies at the forefront of AI development, highlighting the optimism around its integration on the growth prospects of these firms.

Source: Trive Financial Services Malta – Koyfin, Tiaan van Aswegen

In conclusion, the current status of the AI world is characterized by remarkable growth, widespread adoption, and an optimistic outlook. Advanced collaborations between tech giants will spur innovation, while strategic acquisitions will accelerate progress. Moreover, the global economy will experience a welcome boost thanks to AI-driven advancements. AI’s influence on industries, economies, and societies is unprecedented and continues to expand. The future is bright, and the possibilities are endless in the ever-evolving AI world.

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