Apple’s Next Big Revolution

Behind the sleek and polished facade of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), significant strides are being made. In the shadows, the tech titan is quietly crafting a game-changing artificial intelligence (AI) arsenal to rival the likes of OpenAI and Alphabet’s Google. An exclusive insight reveals that Apple has been working hard, creating its own “Ajax” framework, laying the foundation for powerful language models like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.  

This AI endeavour has become a significant focus for Apple in recent months, with multiple teams joining forces to explore the endless possibilities the revolutionary technology offers. While Apple has impressed the world with AI features integrated into their products, their absence in the generative tools market has left many pondering what’s next for the trillion-dollar conglomerate. 

With “Ajax” as their secret weapon, Apple is now developing an in-house chatbot service, dubbed “Apple GPT,” which has sparked excitement among engineers. The system’s capabilities have already amazed employees, assisting with product prototyping, summarizing text, and providing answers based on its extensive training data. However, Apple’s journey doesn’t stop there as they’re actively seeking ways to incorporate generative AI into the core of their devices, revolutionizing how people interact with their iPhones and more. While competitors have quickly embraced the new technology, Apple is taking a more conservative, thoughtful approach, planning a strategic AI-related announcement soon. 

One of the most intriguing prospects for Apple’s AI technology is advancing Siri, allowing it to undertake more tasks on behalf of users, making daily tasks more accessible and efficient. As Apple’s AI revolution accelerates, they are actively recruiting experts in generative AI to bring fresh insights and breakthroughs. The future holds tremendous promise as Apple envisions how AI will transform how we communicate, create, connect, and consume media on our devices. 

So, while the world marvels at Apple’s elegant product offering, a silent AI revolution brews within the walls. 

Sources: Bloomberg

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