Autodesk Claws Back Market Losses

Autodesk Inc (NASDAQ: ADSK), a leading software designer in the construction and engineering realms, rides the wave of the tech sector’s Artificial Intelligence surge, witnessing a commendable 31% share price uptick year-to-date. Though trailing the Nasdaq100 Index’s 55% leap, Autodesk thrives on heightened sales and recurring revenues.  

Its software solutions empower the construction sector, capitalizing on industrial design software optimization amid the US Infrastructure Law’s substantial backing. The third quarter illuminated Autodesk’s prowess, marking a 10% revenue spike to $1.41 billion, notably thriving across all operational regions except Asia-Pacific.  

Elevating its profitability, the company demonstrated a robust 24% operating margin, showcasing a four percentage point upswing from the preceding year’s third quarter. This propelled an impressive 30% surge in operating income, totalling $334 million. Notably, Autodesk’s current remaining performance obligations stand at $3.5 billion, marking a noteworthy 12% surge year-over-year. As Autodesk navigates this dynamic landscape, its strategic foothold in pivotal sectors and continual innovation beckon attention in the evolving tech terrain. 


Autodesk’s stock trajectory presents a potential turnaround after enduring a challenging period with a 33.54% decline in the previous year. Currently, the stock signals a shift, edging towards ending two consecutive years of losses, showcasing promising signs through a sequence of four successive weeks of gains, eyeing a fifth. 

Amidst a period of sideway consolidation within a rectangle pattern, the share price sparked upward momentum, notably bolstered by robust upside volumes post-earnings. This surge led to a notable breakout above the 100-day moving average and the upper boundary of the rectangle pattern, forming a support level at $201.11. 

If the ongoing trend continues, attention could gravitate towards the $252.34 resistance level, established from a previous high in February 2022, which is within striking distance. Should the prevailing bullish sentiment persist, retesting this level becomes a likely scenario. Conversely, a shift in market sentiment triggering a downside momentum surge might see the 100-day moving average acting as a plausible downside barrier, potentially cushioning against abrupt declines. 


Autodesk Inc showcases resilience amidst market challenges, marked by a turnaround after a previous decline. Boasting significant gains this year and thriving in pivotal sectors like construction and engineering, its innovative strides, highlighted by soaring revenues and strategic obligations, position Autodesk as a formidable force navigating the tech landscape. 

Sources: Autodesk Inc, Reuters, TradingView 

Piece Written By Nkosilathi Dube, Trive Financial Market Analyst 

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