Spotify’s Stock Grooves up 150%

Spotify Technologies SA, a leading force in the music streaming realm, has orchestrated a notable resurgence after navigating a challenging period, poised to shatter a two-year losing streak. Remarkably, the company’s share price has surged a staggering 152.68% year-to-date, a sharp contrast to the preceding year’s 66% market value downturn, signalling a remarkable turnaround. 

This transformative shift aligns with Spotify’s strategic restructuring plan aimed at bolstering efficiency by curbing costs, notably through a 17% reduction in its workforce. This initiative coincided with a pivotal milestone as the company surpassed Wall Street’s earnings projections for the first time in five quarters. 

The third quarter unveiled Spotify’s robust earnings trajectory, boasting a staggering 247.78% beat against earnings expectations, reporting $0.35 per share. This remarkable performance steered the music-streaming giant back to profitability, marking a significant inflexion point in its trajectory. 

Driving this success further were monumental leaps in user metrics. Monthly Active Users surged by 26% to an impressive 574 million, surpassing guidance by 2 million—a stellar achievement marking the second-largest net addition in third-quarter history. Subscribers also soared by 16% year-over-year to 226 million, reflecting a resilient and expanding user base. 

Moreover, Spotify’s revenue growth, climbing 11% year-over-year to €3.4 billion, surpassed anticipated figures, a testament to the platform’s enduring appeal. Notably, the company strategically hiked subscription prices earlier in the year, an adjustment attributed, in part, to the 11% revenue boost cited in its third-quarter report. 

This strategic evolution, marked by financial resurgence, user growth, and revenue expansion, positions Spotify Technologies SA as a pivotal player in the music streaming industry, hinting at a promising future amid dynamic market shifts and strategic transformations. 


Spotify’s stock has been on a dynamic trajectory, showcasing a resilient 29% surge in the current quarter, rebounding impressively from a minor third-quarter dip. Positioned within an ascending channel pattern, the stock has notably traded above the 100-day moving average, signalling a strong uptrend. 

Presently, the share price is edging tantalizingly close to a near two-year high, hovering within reach of the $208.49 resistance level, a significant milestone in its trajectory. The recent upward movement found substantial support at the $145.79 mark, cementing a foundation for its current ascent. 

However, amidst this bullish momentum lies a cautionary tale, as the stock currently trades within overbought territory on the Relative Strength Index (RSI). This hints at a potential reversal in the making, potentially challenging the stock’s upward trajectory. In such an event, the $145.79 support level could re-emerge as a pivotal barrier, a destination where the stock might find footing against downward pressures. 

The delicate balance between bullish aspirations, characterized by an imminent breach of the $208.49 resistance, and the looming threat of a reversal marked by overbought RSI conditions underscores the nuanced sentiment prevailing in Spotify’s stock. 


Spotify’s transformative rebound, marked by a staggering 152.68% surge in share price and strategic user-focused initiatives, showcases its resurgence as a market frontrunner. While perched near a two-year high, the delicate dance between bullish momentum and a potential reversal flags an intriguing phase. 

Sources: Spotify Technology SA, Dow Jones News Wires, Reuters, TradingView 

Piece Written By Nkosilathi Dube, Trive Financial Market Analyst 

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