A Look Over the Investment Behavior of Gen Z

As the first wave of ‘digital natives,’ Generation Z is changing how we think about investing and who an investor can be.

What was once an industry for only the ultra-wealthy and formally educated, older generations may feel unwelcome in this world. Still, Gen Z recognizes that, in an age of information, investing can now be done by anyone with an internet connection and disposable income and is unafraid to seize the opportunity that has been provided.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the diversity of backgrounds amongst Gen Z investors brings various ideas, which has created a generation of investors far more willing to innovate than those who came before. These innovators inspire and encourage us to keep learning and growing.

The investors of generation Z have seen how quickly the world can change in their lifetime, so they understand, more than any generation before them, that standing still means going backward in today’s world.

That’s not to say Gen Z investors are unwilling to look to traditions. Gen Z investors are just as likely to inform their decisions on established trade publications as on social media, stock market influencers. They use the foundation of the past and the opportunities of the present to build a better future for themselves and the generations that follow.