OUTsurance Outperforms JSE Top 40

OUTsurance Group Limited (JSE: OUT) has emerged successfully in 2023, marking its fourth consecutive year in positive strides within the market. This impressive feat aligns with the company’s remarkable surge, boasting a 34.63% year-to-date increase, underpinned by robust business performance. The short-term insurer showcases resilience, amplifying its success through the fiscal year ending June 2023. 

Despite challenges posed by power cuts, amplified claims inflation, vehicle theft, and reinsurance costs, OUTsurance delivered a standout performance. Notably, its Australian operations proved pivotal, mitigating adverse impacts on its financial standing. The fiscal report highlights a remarkable 21.1% surge in gross written premiums, soaring to R28.5 billion, fuelled by organic growth, escalating premium inflation, and currency fluctuations benefiting the company’s position. 

The financial landscape brightened further as operating profit soared to R4 billion, marking an impressive 42% surge from the previous year. Earnings followed suit, witnessing a substantial 40% growth, totalling R3.2 billion. Such remarkable achievements were bolstered by a strategic reduction in net claims ratio and significant premium growth, positioning OUTsurance as a standout performer in navigating challenges while accelerating its upward trajectory.  


OUTsurance’s share price portrays a compelling narrative through its recent price action, reflecting an uptrend trajectory persisting above the 100-day moving average. Notably, a pivotal support level emerged at R39.05 per share, catalyzing a noteworthy surge in the stock’s value. However, the ascent met resistance at the R46.00 per share level, coinciding with overbought RSI conditions preceding a downturn. 

Presently, the share price teeters within reach of the 61.80% Fibonacci Retracement Golden Ratio, a critical juncture. A decisive breach below this level, accompanied by substantial downside volume, might indicate sustained bearish pressures. Such a scenario could redirect focus toward the R39.05 per share mark as a potential downside interest point. 

Conversely, if the Golden Ratio holds as a sturdy intermediate support, a reversal could transpire, signalling renewed upward momentum. In this case, optimistic traders will likely eagerly eye the R46.00 per share level, anticipating an upside breakthrough should market sentiment tilt favourably. 


OUTsurance shines as a standout performer, outpacing the JSE Top 40 with a resilient 34.63% year-to-date surge. Its robust fiscal performance, marked by a remarkable increase in gross written premiums and substantial profit growth, underscores its adeptness in navigating challenges. The stock’s technical trajectory, depicting an uptrend with pivotal support and resistance levels, reflects a delicate interplay between potential downside pressures and optimistic prospects for an upside breakthrough. 

Sources: OUTsurance Group Limited, Reuters, Moneyweb, TradingView 

Piece Written By Nkosilathi Dube, Trive Financial Market Analyst 

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