Sun International Shines in Stock Markets

Sun International LTD (JSE: SUI) emerges as a compelling force in the stock market, marking a remarkable trajectory of growth and resilience. With a 22.78% surge in market value this year and poised for a third consecutive year of positive gains, the company embodies stability and progressive expansion. 

The H1 2023 results underscore a staggering 36% revenue increase compared to 2022’s first half, reaching R1.27 billion, accompanied by a robust 41% surge in profit, totalling R485 million compared to the previous year. Notably, the company’s strategic pillars revolve around diversified income streams, notably from gaming, resorts, and the monumental 138.4% surge in SunBet’s income. 

Sun International showcases resilience with an impressive 11.7% income growth, bolstering adjusted EBITDA by 5.6% to R1.6 billion. Maintaining a stable debt profile at R5.9 billion from 2022, the company strategically invests in enhancing customer experience in urban casinos while fortifying margins through renewable energy initiatives amid load-shedding challenges. 

Sun International’s exceptional performance, exemplified by SunBet’s exponential growth and robust recovery in resorts, underscores its sound financial position and strategic foresight. As they set their sights on expansion into new markets, their prowess in navigating market dynamics solidifies their position as a leading player in the hospitality sector. 


Sun International’s stock exhibits an uptrend, evident in its trading pattern above the 100-day moving average, encapsulated within an ascending channel. The uptrend encountered resistance at R42.90 per share, coinciding with overbought Relative Strength Index (RSI) levels, leading to a subsequent retreat that converged with the 100-day moving average. 

However, the downward momentum slowed as oversold RSI conditions emerged, triggering a reversal. Presently, the stock has retested the resistance level. Yet, caution prevails due to the lingering overbought RSI conditions, hinting at a potential reversal. In such a scenario, the 100-day moving average stands as a crucial level to monitor for potential price shifts. 

Conversely, if the bullish momentum persists, attention could turn to the R45.29 resistance level established in April, indicating an upward trajectory. Market sentiment remains influenced by these technical dynamics, signalling a potential reversal at overbought levels while emphasizing the significance of key resistance and support levels. 


The Sun International demonstrates an impressive blend of financial prowess and market resilience, evident in its robust growth trends and strategic market positioning. The share price demonstrated an upside trajectory with substantial revenue surges, strategic diversification, and solid financial manoeuvring. 

Sources: The Sun International LTD, Reuters, TradingView 

Piece Written By Nkosilathi Dube, Trive Financial Analyst 

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